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Spring bucket list – 20 fun family activities

Spring family bucket list

I love this time of year! It's starting to get warmer here and we've had some stunning sunny (but cold) days already :)

There are so many more things you can do as a family when it's a bit warmer, so I thought I'd make a bucket list of the ones we want to tick off this spring!

  1. Visit the new lambs at the local farm

  2. Try out new playgrounds

  3. Take a nature walk with a scavenger list

  4. Go on a family bike ride

  5. Blow bubbles

  6. Have a picnic in the park

  7. Fly a kite

  8. Make some spring crafts

  9. Go Easter egg hunting

  10. Decorate Easter eggs

  11. Do some gardening activities

  12. Feed the ducks

  13. Visit the zoo

  14. Set up the sand and water table in the garden

  15. Bake cakes

  16. Spot a rainbow

  17. Play an outdoor game

  18. Go to the beach

  19. Eat an ice cream!

  20. Take family photos outside :)

Which ones are on your list?

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